What Does a Muffler Do?

August 30th, 2020 by

Your vehicle's exhaust system is far more complex than just the muffler at the back of your car. It consists of various pipes and gaskets that help propel the dangerous fumes from the engine out of the vehicle. Failure to get rid of those gases could be deadly if they are stored and breathed in by anyone in the car.

The main purpose of having a working muffler on your car is to minimize some of the noise from the vibration of the exhaust system. Your car would sound much louder if it did not have a working muffler attached. Without a functioning muffler, your vehicle could experience a backflow issue with accumulated particles and gases and will run less efficiently.

Mufflers wear down like any other auto part, but they are also susceptible to corrosion and damage from their external exposure to weather, dirt, temperature changes, rough surfaces, and excessive water.

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