Ram 1500 Durability Features

A showstopper of a light-duty pickup, the newly revealed 1500 from Ram offers a wealth of unmatched durability features. These features are geared toward making the pickup safer to drive and use.

One of its most important features is its trailer sway control. This feature monitors your trailer and hitch. If it detects excess swaying, it adjusts power to the hitch and back end of the vehicle to keep the trailer on the road. It prevents your trailer from weaving in and out of traffic and onto the shoulder of the highway.

The new Ram 1500 is also made from high-performance steel. Its steel body makes it ideal for taking out in the off-road or onto rough surfaces like those found at construction sites. It can take a barrage of flying debris and undercarriage beatings without succumbing to damages like dents or scratches. It protects you as well from damaging impacts.

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