As you set out to explore Limon, CO this weekend, take a look around you. Perhaps you'll see someone on the road with a muffler hanging down low. You may wonder how that thing is even staying on and how that person can possibly not know that their muffler is in need of repair. Chances are they are well aware of the fact that their muffler is in disarray, but aren't concerned with immediately getting it fixed because their car is still running.

We here at Transwest Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram encourage you to stop in as soon as you notice there is a problem with your muffler so we can fix the issue and send you on your way in no time. Some signs of a muffler or exhaust problem can include:

  • Louder than normal sounds coming from the underside or rear of your vehicle
  • The engine itself may sound louder
  • You visibly see your muffler hanging lower than normal

We carry muffler replacements and other exhaust components for sale at our auto parts center, and we'd love to help you stay safe during your journeys.

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